photo portfolio
D A N  B R I C K

welcome !

A desire to photograph through a

telescope what I could see on the

surface of our Moon from my backyard at the age of 12,

made me a photographer.

An interest in optics to gather more light and look deep into the universe motivated me to grind my own Rich Field (f4.6) 6" Newtonian Reflector mirror at the age of 16.

A Single Lens Reflex camera with a fast lens is required to capture images through telescopes and to capture long exposures of star trails.

After years looking through many viewfinders and lenses I am motivated to capture iconic images which share a moment of reality as a short story would.

capturing beauty & art with my lens


The camera became my friend

providing an excuse to look for

and capture the beauty all around me.

I am never satisfied with the pictures I take

because there are so many beautiful

visions to share, yet the camera being

man made cannot reproduce nature

as well as your eyes.

my experience